4 of the Best Automotive Technologies of 2021
(Photo : Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash)

For a truly great driving experience, the tech features in your car shouldn't be distracting. The best automotive technologies are not only simple, they are also functional. Automotive technology has evolved rapidly, and cars are becoming better every day.

Manufacturers are continuously searching for ways to deliver a better in-car experience. Cars now have advanced safety features like automatic braking systems, reverse cameras, and automatic parking systems. Looking for the best automotive technologies in 2021? Here you go.

1.   Passenger Air Bag by Acura -2021 TLX

Shocking statistics indicate that car accidents account for over 16,000 fatal brain injuries in the US annually, and some of these injuries occur in passenger seats. Acura's 2021 TLX has a uniquely redesigned airbag that minimizes the impact of car accidents on the head.

The airbag mimics a catcher's mitt, helping reduce chances of a head injury where a head could slip or slide off. The TLX has three chambers which inflate after impact, two extend to wrap around the rider's head, gently cushioning it like a baseball in a well-padded glove. According to Acura, the design is expected to reduce the intense rotational forces during a wreck that often cause severe head injuries as a result of brain tissue slamming into the skull.

2.   Advanced Driver Assist Systems

Modern automobiles feature systems that make life easier in traffic, reduce driver fatigue, and quickly react to hazards. Some systems actually park your car for you. Most systems often come in bundled suites, but there are many standalone options as well. According to Longo Lexus, these are some of the driver assist systems to look for in your next car:

●      Lane-keep assist/Lane departure warning: Alerts you when you're drifting into the wrong lane and keeps your car on the right lane.

●      Reverse brake assist: Can stop your car if it senses an object behind you as you back up--helping you to avoid an accident.

●      Blind-spot alert: Alerts you when there is a car in your blind spot.

3.   Automatic Emergency Braking System

An automatic emergency braking (AEB) system prevents accidents by activating your car's brakes when it senses that a collision is about to happen. It reacts faster than a person would and can brake harder than a human.

If you're already braking but it senses you need to stop immediately, it applies more pressure, making the car stop. Most vehicle manufacturers have committed to integrate the AEB system in their vehicles, but it's also available as a standalone feature.

4.   Automatic Parking System

Every single driver out there has had trouble at some point parking their car. That's why this is one of the most advantageous automotive technologies for drivers. It allows your car to park on it's own, you just have to apply the brakes when prompted.

Many car manufacturers have been integrating automatic parking technology into their vehicles, so whether you choose a BMW, an Audi, a Jeep, or a Tesla, you're sure to get it.

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